Winning at Parenting.

Today is a snow day. Between holidays and weekends and weather, school has been open 5 of the last 14 days, and she was sick for one of them. Tomorrow is looking iffy (we are fine, other parts of the county are not). And then it’s the weekend!

However, today my (clearly superior) child has decided to do a project. On her own. And the best part – it is inspired by Drunk History. I *have* made her promise that she not tell her classmates that she learned this on Drunk History, but now I am posting on the internet about it.

Apparently, Ursula is extremely passionate about Claudette Colvin and thinks she deserves more credit. (For those not in the know, she was a predecessor to Rosa Parks – Rosa Parks was more or less a staged arrest based on something Claudette did first). So, after a reading assignment about Claudette Colvin, we now have this:

Snow day "fun". Because who doesn't do a project for the heck of it?

BTW – I never mentioned her big 5th grade project that she presented 2 weeks ago (i.e. back when school happened with regularity). It was a comic book featuring “Happy Diarrhea” and “Happy Puke” and I believe she got a 104 on it. These are the matching bookmarks she handed out. I just can’t even….

Exhibition swag

Doge Valentines.

Because awesome.

Finished this one up for my pickiest (yet favorite) client.

Things are looking crazy…

So, in the midst of developing 3 new sites, finally launching my portfolio site and a zillion other freelance gigs, I somehow decided I’d just redo my site today. Um, okay. It’s a tiny facelift (Lifestyle Lift?), but anywhere, just bear with me. Because clearly, it was a great idea to change a font without picking a complementary font. As was changing my header without planning any other colors. YAY!

The good news is I’m barely blogging, so really, who has even noticed?

Today’s big news!

Today's big news!

Yup – she got in! It was pretty much a sure thing (since it’s her school), but she’s still SO excited. 5 weeks of dancing all day, 6 days a week. It’s a lot.

Dance Updates

Life is looking a lot like this…

Summer intensive audition this morning.

Even with Nutcracker being over (yay!), our life is a lot of buns, leggings and dance bag. The above picture was last Sunday – she was on her way to her first summer intensive audition (ever). For non-dance people, summer intensives are 4-6 week dance programs – they generally involve living in a dorm and dancing six days a week. Like all dance things, they cost approximately a zillion dollars. Our plan is for her to stay in town this summer and do the one at her dance school (yay for living at home!), then go away next year. But we shall see…

Last night was her ensemble performance. One of the classes she takes is ensemble – they spend a semester working with a choreographer and all the whole class is learning the piece. Next week, she’ll start with a new teacher and work on that piece through May. Ballet 3s do NOT perform on pointe, but they still suddenly look like REAL dancers. Doing an actual piece. It is amazing! She has come SO far this year.

I didn’t get any pictures during the show, but I have this one that she had a friend snap backstage. The Bloch booties really make it.



Whole30 and catch up

Dan and I have both had THE COLD THAT WILL NOT END. I think we are finally getting over it after, oh, 3 weeks. To be fair, I was sick the weekend before Christmas, then rallied (adrenaline?), then have been re-sick since the weekend after Christmas. I finally started a Zpack this week – I hadn’t done it sooner because I have been low level sick – cough, headache, on and off sore throat and a low level malaise, but not really “sick”. It does seem to be helping…

I’m doing another Whole30. I am not 100% sure why – I guess my intent is to get back to cooking more balanced meals and not overindulge on my cheater foods (corn chips and cheese!). But here’s the thing – I *can* eat corn chips and cheese and be okay – I just shouldn’t eat them every day. They don’t bother me. I can eat them and feel good. So far, this W30 is super frustrating – I am not even really craving the things I can’t have. I’m not “mad” about what I can’t eat. I just feel SO hungry (even though I’m eating more) and irritable. I think because I don’t see any prize at the end – I don’t anticipate finding a new trigger food. I don’t think my diet will be REVOLUTIONIZED at the end. Though hopefully I’ll have some better habits. Of course, Whole30 aside, Nutcracker month is ALWAYS going to be crazytown eat what you can around here. And January is always going to be slow with me cooking more.
I did not take pics because = lazy. I did get weighed at the doctor on Wednesday (124.8 – actually, 125.6, but afterwards I weighed my clothes and used MATH) so I guess I’ll track from that.

In other news, I got a new Erin Condren planner (<– affiliate link/coupon) and it is awesome and I am obsessively noting things in it. So I guess that’s a win? I don’t want to be one of those people who blogs endlessly about their planner, but I do really like it.

Happy 2015 *cough cough*

Fondue feast

We are celebrating NYE by watching Godzilla. Obviously.

We rang in the new year by eating fondue and watching some Godzilla movie. With Mothra (who is pretty much my fave).

We spent the week between Christmas and New Year being sick (and also, the week of Christmas). Yay for coughing!