Happy Bort-day!

Bort is 11 today! He celebrated by going outside, lying around inside, sleeping by my feet and eating a cheeseburger. So, with the exception of the burger, pretty much a normal day. Dan keeps reminding me that we used to have parties for Bort, poor Bort, blah blah blah. I am pretty sure that Bort is of an age that he just doesn’t want his birthdays marked anymore – he prefers to age gracefully. I hope?

Also, in case Bob Geldof (or anyone else) is wondering, I *hate* Mondays because they remind me of a really stupid song. That is stuck in my head. Go away Boomtown Rats! (And really, who thought THAT was a good idea for a band name? I suppose a person with a daughter named Fifi Trixibelle… )